MSX FDC-600 floppy disk controller review

FDC-600_2Retro computer’s floppy drives are a species facing extinction. With all moving parts and sensible mechanism, it is hard to keep them working properly. For those who have an extensive collection of floppy disks, the options are to copy them to any modern mass storage solution or to pray for their floppy drives not to die…

MSX owners have an interesting option to keep using floppies for years and years to come: FDC-600!

“The FDC-600 is a floppy disk controller. It allows us to plug almost any PC floppy disk drive to an MSX computer and use it as if it was a native MSX drive.”

Lavandeira took a pause from his series of programming tutorials for the MSX and wrote a review of his FDC-600. The review is very comprehensive and I would think of it more like a tutorial for the number of pictures and information.

If you are an MSX owner looking for an option for mass storage to replace old drives, check it out following the link below.


Author: Paulo Garcia

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