How the ZX Spectrum Helped the 1980s Become Video Gaming’s Most Creative Decade

bookVICE.COM has published an excerpt from the book Electronic Dreams – How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer by Tom Lean.

The book was recently published by Bloomsbury Publishing and tells the story of how computers invaded British homes for the first time turning it into a user-friendly domestic technology. It also covers the other side of the history with the people who made the boom happen, the inventors and entrepreneurs like Clive Sinclair and Alan Sugar seeking new markets, bedroom programmers, and computer hackers, and the millions of everyday folk who bought into the electronic dream and let the computer into their lives.

The article is a nice try-before-buy opportunity for those who like retro computer history. It is particularly focused on the ZX Spectrum while the book covers a variety of machines.

Book: Bloomsbury Publishing


Author: Paulo Garcia

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