National Enquirer Headlines: "Naked Amiga 2200 caught on camera!"


Sometimes it is hard to come up with a good headline, therefore, some sensationalism had to be used to catch your interest! It was for a good cause if you are interested in retro computer history.

The website Big Book of Amiga Hardware has added several pictures and a lot of information of the less-known Amiga of all times, the A2200. It is so unknown that many Amiga enthusiasts will tell you the modem never existed!

As explained on the website, “A few months after the cancellation of the A1000+ and A3000+ it was decided the company should attempt to salvage the A1000+ technology and build a lower spec ECS-based machine. The project was developed under the codename ‘A1000jr’, an unofficial title intended to annoy Bill Sydnes.”

The finished products were production-worthy but were never ordered by a sales company within Commodore. In an attempt to recoup the cost of development, Commodore reused the case design for the A4000 a year later and upgraded the A1000Jr configuration into the A3200.

There is also another page entitle The Forgotten Amiga with additional information about the A2200. Interesting reading.

Link: Big Book of Amiga Hardware

Author: Paulo Garcia

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