Character editor 'VChar64' for Commodore 64 has new version


VChar64 is a character editor for the Commodore 64 that has been actively developed by Ricardo Quesada from the Retro.Moe blog. The software is available for both Windows and Mac OSX.


  • [NEW] Koala Import: supports importing subregions. Useful when 256 chars are not enough to import the whole bitmap
  • [NEW] Added unknown font. Ripped from here
  • [NEW] VICE snapshot import: Default charset address is the one that was used at the moment the snapshot was taken
  • [NEW] Save/Export: Plays one beep on success, two beeps on error
  • [NEW] Main Window: Status Bar shows the coordinates of the different widgets

Link: CSDb / RetroMoe

Author: Paulo Garcia

1 thought on “Character editor 'VChar64' for Commodore 64 has new version

  1. It works with Linux, BSD or any OS compatible with QT5.
    It’s working very well on OpenPandora ARM Linux handheld.

    This open source program makes my life easier. Keep up the good work, ;)

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