Interview: Henrique Olifiers talks about the ZX Spectrum Next


The Spectrum Next is, in my opinion, causing more buzz around the retro-computing community than the VEGA and as consequence, people want to know more details about the project.

The website Flickering Myth has published an interview with Henrique Olifiers, who is part of the team bringing the ZX Spectrum Next to us.

Probably the most interesting piece of information the interview is about the price and dates. Henrique answers “We’re aiming at crowdfunding in June, start production in August, and have it shipped in Q1 or Q2 2017 the latest. Let’s see how this plan survives the test of battle. The retail should be under £175 — the original price of the ZX Spectrum at launch. But we’re working hard to bring it down under £100, depending on how many units get ordered and if we can find better suppliers for some parts, in particular, the case and keyboard production”

To read the full interview, follow the link below!

Link: Flickering Myth

Author: Paulo Garcia

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