Petition for Konami to reissue physical MSX games


That is interesting! With the retro gaming community growing fast, imagine if all the big publishers decide to open the vaults and start selling old games!? 

That is what MSX Resource Center announced today, telling us that David F. Gisbert (Tromax) and José A. (Konamito) have launched a petition at, requesting Konami to re-release physical MSX games from their extensive library.

If you are one that would love to buy new copies of old games, head over and help the cause!

I believe it is very unlikely that it would go anywhere to be honest, but there is nothing to lose either. Who knows if Konami surprises us! Interestingly enough, Konami has already re-released MSX classics for game consoles like the Dreamcast and Playstation, so it wouldn’t be the first time MSX games are reissued, but it would be the first targeting the original platform.


Author: Paulo Garcia

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