'F-Clash 64' – a New Entry for the C64 2016 SEUCK Competition


F-Clash is the new contestant try to get votes from the tough CSDb crowd and win the 2016 SEUCK Game competition that ends next November.

In F-Clash you are the pilot of the RGB Squadron and have to defend the world against the evil forces while dodging the city landscape.

The graphics are just ok but the game plays very well. The animation runs smoothly and the enemies give the right amount of challenge. I’ve found the ground-air missiles the most dangerous, so watch out for them!

The game can be download from CSDb, and after you play, try the other SEUCK competitors and keep your eyes open to vote for your favorite when the time comes.

Link: CSDb Game Download
Link: 2016 SEUCK Compo page

Author: Paulo Garcia

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