Yazzie – New platform game released for the ZX Spectrum was created in only 6 days

Although it is not unseen to have games developed in a short period of time, it is easy to make a really good game in less than one week. One game that falls in that category is Yazzie, developed by Denis Grachev for the competition Yandex Retro Games Battle 2019, which happened at the beginning of last month.

Yazzie is pretty much a Lode Runner clone, but so well made that at the end of the twenty levels, you will have mixed feelings, happy for the accomplishment and sad looking for more to play.

The story is simple. You have to help the hero, a treasure hunter, to collect all the gold bars spread across the levels. Some of them are confined in a closed area which can only be penetrated using the limited pickaxes that you will find in some of the levels. To increase the difficulty, there are the usual enemies chasing you, traps that can kill you if you fall into them, like the fire pits, and also platforms that will only appear after activated, which can help you to get to the gold faster, but also can help your enemies to get to you!

The levels are very well designed, increasing the difficulty and presenting more puzzles as you progress. It is not an impossible game to complete, but it will challenge you at the right amount to entertain you.

On the technical side, the game presents very good graphics, and the animations are simple, cute and effective. The background music and sound effects, created by Oleg Nikitin, just add more value to the game.

It is possible to get stuck on some levels if, for example, you use the pickaxe in the wrong place. If that happens, your only alternative is press R to restart the level.

It is recommended that you play the game using an emulator that supports multicolour. I’ve played the game using the excellent ZEsarUX and the game is simply gorgeous. You will need 128K to see it in all its glory.

Our friend André Leão game an excellent 9 on his review on Planeta Sinclar. We have to agree, the game is great!

You can download the game from our Homebrew Database or if you are too curious, check my first few minutes playing the game on the video below.

Source: Planeta Sinclair

Author: Paulo Garcia

1 thought on “Yazzie – New platform game released for the ZX Spectrum was created in only 6 days

  1. Looks nice, and quite an achievement for 6 days work….. I am sure fans of Loadrunner will love it…. I personally don’t like Loadrunner at all so will move along.

    Good work nonetheless though.

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