Commodore 64C Computer Housing Kickstarter Funded!

photo-originalTen days ago we reported about a new Kickstarter project that was started by Dallas Moore, who managed to acquire the original Commodore 64C steel molds that Commodore used back in the day! The Kickstarter was a MASSIVE success ($56,584 pledged of $10,000 goal and still running) and low and behold Dallas has listened to our cries over the internet for Transparent and Original Beige versions and boy they are looking SWEET!
9d97338de5e0ac136e748cf28f086a8a_original8fd18572cf23e769fa114e67468af311_originalWe particularly like the Crystal Transparent version, simple gorgeous! It will be interesting to see the mods that start appearing when people get hold of these cases, led’s lighting up the case in the dark and such. The kickstarter is funded but will still be running until Apr 3 2015. So if you still want to get your hands on one of these, click the link below!


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