Kung Fu Maniacs Trilogy by Psytronik Software

kfm3Alf Yngve has kindly sent us over a review copy of the upcoming release, Kung Fu Maniacs Trilogy. We reviewed 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs way back in 2011, you can read the full review here. I am going to concentrate more on the third game of this Trilogy as I feel that most, if not all of you, are already familiar with the previous two games.

This new trilogy comprises of the original 1,000 Kung Fu Maniacs and 2,000 Kung Fu Maniacs plus the newest third release, 3,000 Kung Fu Maniacs .. and so the story goes ..

Our hero, the Master of Awesome, visits his mentor the Master of Exposition to congratulate him on his 113th birthday. He finds that his mentor’s office has been blown up by enemies of the Temple of Awesome .. And so the Master of Exposition gives him a mysterious letter and a new quest. He must enter the Dojo of Doom and personally deliver the letter to the Master Ninja.

The first thing I noticed while playing 3,000 Kung Fu Maniacs was the music. The in-game music reminds me a lot of the music in Kung Fu Master but obviously with Richard’s magic touch. Richard Bayliss from TND works a lot with Alf and together they release many awesome games, some free game releases and some released under Binary Zone/Psytronik Software for pocket money prices (just like back in the day!) Rest assured any release by Alf and Richard never disappoint us with awesome quality games for the 21st century!

Back to the game. Thrown straight into the action, you start with a Ninja IN YOUR FACE!
Better duck quick before you receive a Shuriken to the brain! Now I’m not too bad at most games but for me this particular game seems quite difficult, of  ‘course this is not a bad thing, everyone likes a challenge and it keeps the player coming back for more. Perseverance is the key to success here. Beware though, there are Ninja’s EVERYWHERE!

Ninja’s appear from all directions, I can’t count how many times I thought I was doing really well in the game, then all of a sudden a Ninja would sneak up from behind me and slice my neck open, spilling my blood on the pavement below. Luckily you get a generous six lives, so a bit of blood on the floor doesn’t seem so bad after all, timing and patience will get you further into the game.

As you progress, you receive weapon upgrades when you pick up scrolls, the scrolls can be helpful but can also hinder you, an interesting concept although I found trouble holding onto these for very long, as hordes of Ninjas drop down from the tree’s to your demise. I didn’t get much further into the game than this, but as they say ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ and I anxiously look forward to getting that little bit further each time.

Graphically the third game is a massive improvement over the previous two, with lovely colourful backgrounds and sprites. The player character is now made up of two sprites, and the ninjas are much bigger than before. As usual the overall presentation of these games is superb with awesome title screens, excellent music and great gameplay.

Below are a few screen shots to wet your appetite.
kfmani3kfmtrilogyAs you can see this Trilogy is looking lovely and we will definitely be purchasing this when it is released. For now you can download a demo version of 3,000 Kung Fu Maniacs from the link below and don’t forget to check out the two previous games over at Binary Zone.

This is a 1 level playable preview of 3,000 Kung Fu Maniacs. The idea of this game is to help your Master of Awesome fight his way across the streets of Ninjasville, punching and kicking those evil ninjas out of the way. They will fight back ferociously. Can you get to the other side of the street before the ninjas capture you? You can pick up scrolls to give you a useful or useless power up, but be very careful. Should you get hit, you’ll lose your power up.

Download: 3000_Kung_Fu_Maniacs_Demo.zip
Kung Fu Maniacs Trilogy Release Date and Price: TBA
The New Dimension: http://tnd64.unikat.sk
Binary Zone: http://www.binaryzone.org
Psytronik Software: http://www.psytronik.net

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