Computer museum seeks BBC Micro fixers

The National Museum of Computing in UK is trying to get help to maintain its collection of BBC Micro, first launched in 1981. Most of the collection is used on an interactive exhibit, and the need for maintenance also includes peripherals like CRT monitors.

The museum, which is located on the Bletchley Park estate, has about 80 BBC Micro computers, said Chris Monk, learning co-ordinator at the organisation. Some of these are in display cases, he said, but the majority form part of an interactive exhibit that recreates a 1980s classroom.

“We want to find out whether people have got skills out there that can keep the cluster alive as long as we can,” he said. Anyone with appropriate skills can contact the museum via its website.

The museum actually use the computers to teach groups of students. They claim that languages like Python still takes a long time to show results on screen, and BASIC on BBC Micro does offer faster responses – The students can see graphics, for example, after only a few commands.

Link: The National Museum of Computing
Source: BBC News

Author: Paulo Garcia

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