Bomb Jack DX – C64 Classic Remake, New Updates & Second Teaser Video!

bjdx01Retrofan from Forum64 contacted us today to let us know that teaser video number 2 (Beta 1) for ‘Bomb Jack DX’ is now available for our viewing pleasure! Since the last video there has been several updates to the game. Check out the list below!

  • Revised logo
  • New font
  • Now 3 of 5 backgrounds (with working bombs)
  • Bomb’s fuses light up (in correct order)
  • Working round counter
  • START!-animation at the beginning of each round
  • Dancing Jack at the end of each solved round
  • Jack’s able to die
  • New moves for Jack (slower fall, forced jump, horizontal glide …)
  • Optimized Jack sprites
  • Updated enemy sprites
  • Special chars for platform corners and pillar connections
  • New colours for platforms and pillars
  • “Swastika” Rounds (#16…) changed to “F64” (=


Bomb Jack DX is a new (wip) port of the 1984 Arcade Classic to the Commodore 64. Dramatically better graphics, 50% more screen space, smaller sprites, and polished gameplay!
Many thanks for the heads up Retrofan, we can’t wait to play this masterpiece! :)
Stay tuned for more exclusive updates and as usual we will be the first to share the News! Keep it Retro :)

Retrofans Blog:
Development Thread:
YouTube Channel: RetroP1X3L

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