New Amiga game 'Dylan the Spaceman' demo now available!

Dylan the Spaceman

The wait is (almost) over. Amigapd user on EAB forum has announced the availability of a demo version of the game ‘Dylan the Spaceman and the Smelly Aliens from Mars’, a Dizzy clone, developed using the Reality engine.

The current version will run on A1200 and potentially on A600. There will be a version for the A500, but the developer needs to change the game music before releasing it. The ETA for it is sometime next week.

I will be playing the demo later today, and I plan to upload more screenshots and hopefully a gameplay video, so stay tuned!

If you want to know more about the development, and to download the demo, follow the EAB forum link below.

Download: EAB Forum
Source: Amiga Gamer

Author: Paulo Garcia

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