SaV64 – Over Voltage Protector

SaV64LogoThe SaV64 was designed and created in collaboration with e5frog, based on his OVG64 over voltage protector. It uses an over voltage protection controller to allow you to safely use your original Commodore power supply or an alternative power source with your Commodore computers.

– Protect your Commodore 64(C/G/GS/Aldi), Commodore VIC-20 CR, or Plus/4 (with an adapter) from overvoltage on the 5VDC line.
– 5VDC and 9VAC Barrel connectors to allow easy use of alternative power sources. 5VDC barrel input is also protected from overvoltage.
– Use an external 5VDC power source and continue using your Commodore power supply for 9VAC even when its 5VDC has failed.
– Designed to handle 3 Amps in order to protect and power your system.
– High quality relay that disconnects both DC and AC lines in the case of an overvoltage condition.
– Dual color LED indicating the 5VDC status: Normal (Green) or Tripped (Red)
– Can be reset with the recessed reset button or by unplugging the power source.
– LED indicator shows when voltage is safe or tripped.
– Four possible trip point settings to customize the protection to your system.
– A high quality aluminum enclosure that will be customized at the factory to precisely match the SaV64’s connectors. The case is quite small at around 2.5 Inches Wide by 2.8 Inches Deep and 1.5 Inches tall.
– 3M Rubber Feet and a professionally printed SaV64 logo are also included to complete the device.
– The output cable can be routed through the same end as the inputs or out the back of the device. To accommodate either configuration, this is the only opening that is not pre-drilled.

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