Presenting 'cOS' – A new operating system for the Commodore 64

cos 2015

Jim ’64jim64′ has just released a new operating system for the Commodore 64. The new OS, called ‘cOS’ mimics the iOS user interface, and with touch screen support! Of course, you can still use the keyboard and joystick to interact with the interface.

Most of the apps available are not real, and are meant to entertain only, like the Internet Explorer running on Windows 9 (In BASIC!).

The developer’s blog page link below explains his ideas and how he implemented this nice piece of software. You can also see a quick video about the cOS:

[youtube l6mx7cjltsI nolink]

Of course, the 2-side floppy is available for download (as D64 images), so you can try it out on your C64 or emulator.

Link: 64jim64 Blog

Author: Paulo Garcia

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