New web-based emulator for MSX


Paulo Augusto Peccin has created a new MSX Emulator totally written in Javascript, and it can run directly from your browser, preferable Chrome.


  • 100% HTML5/JS, no plugins needed
  • Runs in any modern Web Browser. Tested in Chrome and Firefox
  • Put games or any MSX software in webpages easily
  • Only standard MSX 1 support for now
  • Full Savestates support
  • Export and share Savestate files
  • Support for Keyboard and Gamepad controllers
  • Full Screen mode

The objective of the author is to create an easy to use emulator, that people can integrate easily on websites. For that reason, it won’t necessarily emulates perfectly every single machine available.

For a quick test, I’ve downloaded Konami’s Gradius ROM for MSX 1 and it worked pretty well, with smooth and vivid graphics, sound working perfectly and very responsive.

The of all, the source code is available on Github! Looking at the author’s name, I could see he’s a great guy!

Source: MSX Resource Centre


Author: Paulo Garcia

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