'Golden' ZX Spectrum VEGA for Christmas!


Retro Computers, the company behind the ZX Spectrum VEGA just announced its Christmas special promotion.

For the twelve weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year, Retro Computers will be placing eleven golden tickets at random into boxes of the ZX Spectrum Vega. If you’re lucky enough to find one, then not only will you receive your ‘normal’ black Vega, but you will also be invited to the factory at which they are made where you will be presented with your very own highly limited edition gold ZX Spectrum Vega. These fantastic special edition consoles will never be available to buy outside of this promotion.


The original black VEGA is so ZX Spectrumsy that is enough to bring up all the nostalgia one needs, but this golden unit is simply amazing. If you were planning to get one for Christmas, having the possibility to visit the factory to get you own limited golden edition is what needed to make you go ahead and place your order. Better than that only if you is received at the factory by Willy Wonka himself!

Link: ZX Spectrum VEGA

Author: Paulo Garcia

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