Time of Silence – New Graphic Adventure for the Commodore 64


‘Claus’ user on CSDb has released today the game ‘Time of Silence’, a top view graphic adventure game for the Commodore 64.

The game is superb, with a refreshing top view perspective. You walk the hero around, and you can interact with people and objects using the menu that shows up when you hit the joystick fire button close to the person or object.


The background music also helps to give the tone to the game. What is most amazing is that Claus is responsible for all components of the game: coding, graphics and music. Also the game is available in German and English, NTSC and PAL.

The game also allows you to save and restore at any time, a nice and important addition to this type of game.

No excuses to not try it!

Link & Download: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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