After 12 years, MacGUI website to close down

upload_4090It was announced that MacGUI website will fade out and eventually close over the next few months.

“Dog Cow” explained that last year he started to downsize his collection giving away tons of Mac related materials to whoever was willing to pay for postage.

Now, the website, which has already been downsized as well will eventually close down.

“Dog Cow” wants to make clear that he is not leaving the hobby:

“I intend to no longer be a “collector” of these things, out acquiring and buying ever more things, but merely someone who has all the hardware and software and books he needs to do interesting programming projects and other hobby-type activities when free time permits.”

The vast collection called MacGUI Vault won’t disappear as it was send out to several users around the World. Also, there is a torrent for whoever want to download it.

We as retro computer enthusiasts know that things come and go, and now it is time to MacGUI be part of the Retro History.

Link: MacGUI


Author: Paulo Garcia

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