'Life on Mars' – New game for MSX in cartridge

lifeonmarsLife on Mars is a new game by Kai Magazine, an MSX2 action-platformer game that features good graphics and music.

The game will be released as a 512KB megarom cartridge. The requirements are MSX2 or higher with at least 128KB RAM/128KB VRAM (OPL4/MOONSOUND version) or 64KB RAM/128KB VRAM (FM-PAC/MUSIC MODULE version).

You can check the game watching the video below.

[youtube VhExgEKQpvk nolink]

The price will be 39€ plus shipping costs. The Spanish version will be ready next week and the English version within 10 days.

To order your copy email kennethalbero@hotmail.com.

Source: MSX Resource Center

Author: Paulo Garcia

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