Tiny Invaders and Raid over Moscow – Two new free games for the Commodore Amiga

Raid over Moscow for the Amiga

The last week of April brought to great and completely different games for the Commodore Amiga.

The first one will satisfy that urge of a quick arcade gaming session where you can jump in, play one or two matches, and move on with your life. Tiny Invaders is a nice version (homage?) of Space Invaders developed by Pink (Abyss) that runs on any Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM, as well as the usual emulators.

The game is faithful to the original, but with some Amiga “treatment” over it, displaying excellent and colorful graphics, great sound effects, and music. Besides the usual “kill all the invaders” gameplay, Tiny Invaders also offers power-ups that can give you more speed, more frequent shots, and an extra “ghost” ship, doubling your firepower.

The second release for the Amiga is a port of a classic Commodore 64 game, Raid over Moscow, released in 1984 by Access Software.

Raid over Moscow is an action game where you, as an American pilot, has to defend the “Free World” against the Soviet Nuclear strike (remember, this is the 80s!).

To this date, some of us cannot even leave the Hangar!

Interesting that actually the developer was creating an Amiga version but that was canceled because they couldn’t reach a deal with the publisher. Thanks to the great people at Pixelglass Games, we can now play the game on all 68k Amigas, with at least 1MB of RAM.

The port includes some Amiga-only features, including a modern control scheme for new players and a full-length soundtrack featuring eight original songs.

Both games are free and can be downloaded following the links below.

Link: Tiny Invaders
Link: Raid Over Moscow
Source: EAB

Author: Paulo Garcia

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