New game: Mini-Zork II

Mini-Zork II, played on C64

Infocom released Zork 1, 2 and 3 in the early 80s. They were all made to be playable on the home computers of the day using a disk drive.

As some of you are aware, they also created a cut-down version of Zork 1, called Mini-Zork 1, which was just small enough to fit into memory on a C64, so that it could be distributed on tape. This game was sold for a while in the UK, and possibly in some other markets. It was also included on a cover-tape with the C64 magazine Zzap! 64 in 1990.

A lesser known fact is that they created Mini-Zork 2 as well, a cut-down version or Zork 2, small enough to fit in the memory of a C64. For one reason or another, they abandonded the project when it was sort-of-completed and mostly working.

30+ years later, the source code of all their games emerged, including this project. Torbjörn Andersson has put in the work to fix all bugs he could find in this game. Before he started, it definitely wasn’t possible to play the game to completion. Now it is.

Under “extras” in Torbjörn’s repository at you will find a few different compiled versions of this game. There is a single-file version where the interpreter and the entire game are placed into a single file, and this file can be loaded from tape if you like. Save/restore does require a diskdrive, and restart is not supported. There is also a disk-based version for C64, one for C128 and one for Plus/4. Finally, there is a z3 file, which can be played using the Z-code interpreter of your choice, like Windows Frotz, Gargoyle, Zoom, Frotz or what have you.

Text adventure fan, player and author since the eighties. Current projects include Ozmoo (a Z-code interpreter for the C64) and PunyInform (a lightweight Inform 6 library for writing text adventures for 8-bit platforms and newer computers)

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