Let’s Make an Amiga Game Tutorial and Game Jam

‘Prince’, founder of the group ‘Phaze101’, streams the assembler coding course English on Twitch and uploads the respective episodes time-delayed to YouTube. (The site amiga-news.de reports it regularly so make sure to check it out as well!).

Let’s Make a Game – a separate tutorial teaching Amiga Assembly for beginners – Prince now explains with examples how to write a game with 68K assembler. The series has been going on for a while and the 10th episode was published.

Prince has also launched the Retro Trex Game Jam, a game jam/contest inviting the participants to create a 16-bit version of the well-known browser game Google T-Rex. The objective is to learn and have fun! Here are the basic rules:

  • any programming language is allowed
  • solo developers or teams are allowed
  • adapted versions are allowed, nice graphics, etc.
  • no consoles / DOS / Windows / Linux / Mac or other x86 machines

The competition will run until September 10, 2022, and there will be a live stream showing the entries.

Link: Let’s Make a Game Playlist

Source: Amiga News

Author: Paulo Garcia

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