CBM prg Studio v4.0.0 – Major release of one of the best development tools for the Commodore machines

A great tool since 2013!

I’ve been a big fan of CBM prg Studio since I started using it back in 2013! It is an all-around IDE that allows you to develop programs for multiple Commodore machines, using either BASIC or Assembler. It includes the code editor, debugger, and design tools for sprites, characters and screens. It even includes a basic SID editor!

I am happy to see that, after two years, Arthur Jordison has released version 4.0.

Here are the new features:

  • Kick Assembler support.
  • Mega65/Basic65 support.
  • Revamped title screen.
  • Add the ability to load an image into the background of the screen designer to use as a template.
  • Generate BASIC loader only creates uppercase code which can’t be pasted into VICE. Add a lowercase option to the preview dialog.
  • Extend ‘copy voice’ function to copy a voice to the two other voices at the same time.
  • Ctrl B turns off / on a bookmark.
  • Remember the position and size of the assembly output window.
  • Added s tool to convert prg studio project to Kick project. This only converts the CPS project info, not the source code.
  • Added PETSCII and CHARCODE commands to generate petscii and char code values for strings.
  • Export a screen design in a raw format and optionally add a load address.
  • Use a label as a ‘relocate’ parameter.
  • Added animator to character editor.
  • Remember defaults on debugger settings.
  • Added a hotkey to close the debugger (alt-f4).
  • Allow the inclusion of “BIN” files to the Project Explorer, in the “Misc” section.
  • Process SEQ files.

You can download CBM prg Studio for free by following the link below.

Link: CBM prg Studio download
Source: commodore-news.com


Author: Paulo Garcia

3 thoughts on “CBM prg Studio v4.0.0 – Major release of one of the best development tools for the Commodore machines

  1. “BM prg Studio will run on any recent PC hardware,” – so, how can we install and run it on Ubuntu 22.10 GNU/Linux? and i gues “.net” means Mono?

  2. mono CBMPrgStudio.exe
    The entry point method could not be loaded due to Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.VisualBasic, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’ or one of its dependencies.

    1. I remember talking to Arthur a few years ago, and he told me at the time that the project is heavily dependent on Windows-only .net features. Based on your results, I think that is still the case. You could try to contact him via his website contacts page. Maybe something new is in the horizon since the cross-platform .net support has improved since then.

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