Main0UK1541 is a real time drive emulator with cycle-exact 6502 instructions execution and VIA’s emulation just by tiny MCU, LCP1114, Cortex M0, 48Mhz (0,84 DMIPS/Mhz).

Developed by: Krzysztof Switajski aka Kisiel/ICON, Manual for GUI version 0.038.012015

Features for Core Version
– Core 6502 running at 1Mhz with illegal opcodes – 16kB Flash ROM, multiple custom roms not available now
– 4KB Ram, from $0000 till $0fff
– VIA port and timers emulation
– SD card 1 – 8GB, FAT32, formatted in Windows.
– d64 35 / 40 track with read and write
– Update from standard SD card.


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