Castle In The Darkness Out Now!

headerOne dark and gloomy night, the kingdom of Alexandria is attacked by an evil sorcerer and his army of darkness! Despite their best efforts to protect their king and their princess, the royal guard falls, one-by-one, to the forces of evil. One knight, unconscious but still alive, awakens on the throne room floor to find that the princess is nowhere to be seen! What’s more, the entire city had been overrun by monsters! With sword in hand, he embarks on a death-defying mission to find his princess and to restore peace to the kingdom!

Castle in the Darkness is out now and available to purchase from Steam for the tidy sum of £3.97 until 12th Feb when it goes back up to £4.79, in our opinion, either price you end up paying, it’s an absolute bargain for this lovely little Nes inspired platformer. Go get it now!

[youtube fsNZP7FDiHw nolink]

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