BozRetro interviews Chris Huelsbeck! on SLAYRadio BBB Radio Show!

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BozRetro resident DJ on Wednesday’s SLAYRadio Show BBB, had an interview only an hour ago, on his Live Show with none other than the great Chris Huelsbeck!

Chris Huelsbeck was born 1968 in Kassel, Germany. He found himself dedicated to music at a very young age and started some piano lessons. At 14 he got his first computer, the legendary Commodore 64 on which he started to learn programming. Some years later he won the first prize in a computer music contest in a famous German computer magazine. This was the beginning of his career as a professional composer for computer and videogame soundtracks. To date he has written music for well over 70 software titles.

Chris’s Kickstarter project ‘Chris Huelsbeck – The Piano Collection & Limited Score Book’ was fully funded back in January in the record time of 66 minutes! There is still a chance to grab this lovely collection, but you only have 6 days! Head over to and make your PayPal Pre-Orders now!

BozRetro has kindly given us exclusive permission to host the interview for download on Commodore is Awesome! Right click and select ‘Save As’ to download the MP3 Interview!
Thanks again Boz and Chris :)

Download: BozRetro_Huelsbeck_BBB_20150624.mp3
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Retro Spielen with Chris and Audi:

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