Jam It – 2-on-2 Basketball for Commodore 64 Now Available to Buy!

139712Back in early April we reported about an upcoming C64 basketball game by Throwback Games titled Jam It. The game has been released today and you can purchase it for the humble sum of just $2.99 USD (or more). Jam It will be also soon be available on cartidge, disk & tape from Psytronik and RGCD (release date to be announced)titleJam It is an arcade style 2-on-2 basketball game for the Commodore 64. You can also play it on your PC/Mac/Console/Handheld/Phone using a C64 emulator!
Do you get confused by complex button combinations in modern basketball video games? In Jam It, just one button with your control stick is enough to make extreme dunks, jump-shots, blocks, passes, post-up plays and steals!

Featuring the most intense sports action and entertainment ever crammed into 64K!

  • Supports 1 – 4 simultaneous players*
  • Realistic and challenging AI
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • 3 unlockable bonuses
  • In-game commentary
  • Halftime show mini-game
  • Comprehensive statistics

* Note: The Vice emulator can be configured for 4 controllers (see instructions included with download package). Commodore 64 requires a Protovision 4 player adapter to support additional joysticks.jam002jam004

[youtube c7l5CJCIpk8 nolink]

Reading over Ausretrogamers excellent review, Leigh White from Throwback Games briefly mentions some prototype games he has in the making. One is a Tennis game and the other is a split screen motorbike racing game, similar to Excite Bike for the NES, but with the added bonus of 2 human players to race against each other! It’s very early to say if these two games will ever get a proper release, but fingers crossed, I would love be able to play an Excite Bike game head on against a friend. Which one of these would you like to see get an official release? If Jam It is successful, we may even see both available to the public in the future.
JamIt_TennisJamIt_Motorman We bought Jam It today and it’s everything we expected it to be, a solid fun filled Basketball game with charming graphics and easy to use one button gameplay, it will keep you coming back for more. Highly recommended, grab it from the link below!

Purchase: http://throwbackgames.itch.io/jam-it/purchase
Official Website: http://throwbackgames.itch.io/jam-it
Ful Interview/Review on Ausretrogamer.com: Jam It: White’s Men Can Jump

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