ZX Enhanced Compo 2016 – Only 'pimped out' ZX Speccy allowed!


This compo is really interesting. While most compos would not allow anything other than standard machines, ZX Enhanced takes the opposite approach. Only ZX Spectrum compatible machines that have some enhancement can participate.

The compo rules state that “target platforms must be equipped with various extensions like graphic modes other than ‘6912’, RAM above 128kB, CPU clock frequency above 3.5MHz so on. Platforms are, including, but not limited to: TS-Config, ATM 1/2/3, Profi, SamCoupe, v6z80p.
The usual clones using conventional capabilities of GS/NGS, TSFM, Z-Controller and alike aren’t considered as Enhanced.”

The compo will accept entries from anywhere in the World until Feb 11, 11:59:59pm

For detailed rules, follow the link below.

Link: ZX Enhanced

Author: Paulo Garcia

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