MSXdev’15 Reaches a Happy Ending After All

Bitlogic - Best Game
Bitlogic – Best Game

A while back we announced that the organizers of MSXdev’15 had decided to declare the contest null for a very upset reason: the lack of commitment of the judges to actually analyze and rate the games.

Today, however, the same organizer have come public to take the harsh decision back and at the same time to announce the winners of the contest, using a new lineup of judges:

  • Gameplay: David Fernández
  • Graphics: David Fernández, Paco Santos Ramírez, John Hassink
  • Sound: David Fernández, Maarten van Strien
  • Polishing: David Fernández, Bart van Velzen
  • Originality: David Fernández

Here are the winners:

  • The prize for Best Game goes to BitLogic with an overall rating of 6,79.
  • The prize for Best Graphics goes to Wing Warriors, with an overall rating of 8,2.
  • The prize for Best Sound goes to Ninja Savior, with an overall rating of 8.

Each one of them will get a money prize!

In a humble note, the organizer apologizes for the initial harsh decision to cancel the contest and concede that the decision didn’t take in consideration the effort of the contestants and the expectations of the community as a whole. Very nice attitude!

You can read the complete report of the contest download the PDF document below.

Link: MSXdev’15 Report
Source: MSXdev’15


Author: Paulo Garcia

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