Open Source Retro Computer MEGA65 is Announced

mega65 We’ve been posting news about Paul Gardner-Stephen’s project on Commodore is Awesome very often, and today we are pleased to see that his efforts weren’t in vain. Today, he presented, in partnership with the people behind the Museum of Electronic Games & Art a new 8-bit computer – the MEGA65 Retro Computer. Strongly based on the never-released Commodore 65, the new computer will run 50 times faster than the C64 while being highly compatible.

On his personal blog, he starts a new blog post with the great news:

“For a few months now I have been working behind the scenes with the good folks at, exploring our mutual desire to create a physical 8-bit computer in the spirit of the C65, but that is open-source and open-hardware so far as is possible, so that the community can sustain, improve and explore it.
Basically, we agreed that we wanted to do this, and that the C65GS was the logical basis for this, and thus the MEGA65 project was born, to take the C65GS core, to work together to improve it, and plan towards creating a physical form that is strongly reminiscent of the C65 prototypes.”

The official announcement can be read at

One of the most important details about the project is that everything is open source, from the hardware design to the software, so in theory, anyone can build the computer by yourself! If electronics is not your thing, you will be able to buy the computer pre-made and ready to use.

Official Website:

Author: Paulo Garcia

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