New Game 'Nuclear Strike Force' for Commodore 64


Nuclear Strike Force is a new game by The New Dimension, where the objective is pretty much a shoot’em up standard: Shoot the enemies, pick up the bombs for bonus points and survive as long as you can.141416

The frantic background music gives away how hard is the game. I’ve tried for quite some time and I couldn’t get too far, as you can see on the YouTube video below.

[youtube Vhw7H6NJI5A nolink]

The game runs very smoothly and the controls are responsive. I found the difficulty level too high right off the bat. The game should let the player get used to the controls for a little bit longer at the beginning. Other than that, is a great SEUCK game, for sure.

Released by: The New Dimension [web]
Release Date: 22 September 2015
Type: C64 Game
Download: Nuclear Strike Force.d64, NUCLEAR STRIKE FORCE-TAPE.tap
Website: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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