'Slime' – New game for the Commodore 64

Slime_C64_d64Based on an original game by Jim Summers on the Commodore PET, Mr. NOP has released SLIME for the Commodore 64.

“Battle the growing slime before it takes over the screen, shoot the membranes and eradicate the slime. As the slime grows, cells begin to grow inside the membranes which then chase after you. Complete the level to advance to more complex stages with even more slime growth.”

The developer explains during the intro screens of the game that his version of Slime was created from scratch from his observations of the original game. Only two routines were ported from the original: the cells that chase after you and the explosion effects.


The game allows 1 or 2 players using keyboard or joystick and features high score saver, in-game music by Richard Bayliss and great sound effects.

You can download the game and its source code from CSDb. Just follow the link below!

Link: CSDb

Author: Paulo Garcia

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